About Kooky Dough Co

White Vanilla Birthday Cake

I'm Rachel Green, no not from "Friends", but I do LOVE that show. I'm 23 years old and started Kooky Dough Co about 3 years ago. I've been baking since I was a little girl. My dad has successfully owned his own food company for over 25+ years and he inspired me to start my own business. We offer classic cookies, such as chocolate chip cookies, however we also do custom designed cookies for special events and parties. We also have a wide variety of other handheld treats! Like our motto says, You Want It, We Dough It!

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To check out our portfolio of custom Kookies and Kakes. TO ORDER Email: www.kookydoughco@gmail.com

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This cookies are so adorable and tasty. My husband loved them! Rachel was so awesome and easy to work with. She is very responsive and so sweet! Will definitely order cookies again!

Valerie A

Rachel is awesome! The quality of her work is A+++. The taste of the cookies is soooo delicious. Her creativity shows in this set AND I’ve ordered custom cookies as well for a special occasion. You will not be disappointed. She’s a great business woman. Always on time. Communicates immediately. Pick up is effortless.

Launee T

Rachel is a very talented cookie designer and baker and uses only the highest quality ingredients. Her cookies are really delicious and has never disappointed me with the arrangements and design. My family has been the lucky recipients of many of her cookies and they always ask for more! She's also a beautiful and caring person and it shows in the care and attention to detail in her product and the dedication she shows to her customers.

Art T